The hostel is located on the 5th floor at 61 Gran Vía street, definitely, the most emblematic street in Madrid, in a protected heritage property. Also known as the Spanish Broadway, Gran Vía is the artistic and cultural center of the city. This hostel, with its architecture and carefully selected avant-garde interior design, wants to be the symbol of modernity and transformation this area is undergoing

Madrid’s central district, and specially Gran Via, has the best restaurants, shops, museums, and theaters, as well as a wide array of leisure and entertainment options. Vitium Urban Suites introduces a trendsetting high-end hostel in the most edgy shopping area of Madrid, creating a new concept of experiencing the city which will, no doubt, make your stay in Madrid simply unforgettable.

The hostel is conveniently situated within walking distance of cultural and tourist attractions. You will also find several bus stops and a subway station near the hostel; thus, preventing you from any problems moving around the city.

In Gran Vía you will enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.  You will find effervescent crowds taking delight in the large number of shops in the area. At night the streets and the buildings light up, showing the beauty and the lively and joyful night life of the city.

Vitium Urban Suites
61 Gran Vía Street
Fifth floor
28013 Madrid, Spain