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It has happened to all of us, that we have needed a room, for a certain number of hours and that is well located in the center of the city. The reasons can be many, for example, we have arrived in the city early in the morning and we are going to take a plane or a train at the end of the day, and we need a place where we can rest for a few hours, or we have to go to a business meeting and we want a room where we can relax and take a shower before going to it.

Where to look for a room by the hour?

To find a room by the hour that suits our needs, we must look for an establishment that offers us full guarantees that the room has all the amenities, such as air conditioning, minibar, wifi, etc., and that is well located and communicated, to be able to quickly access our room from anywhere in the city.

Benefits of renting a room by the hour

The benefits of renting a room by the hour are many, such as being able to rent for the exact number of hours we need, without having to rent the whole day, with the consequent economic savings. Also, we can choose the time of arrival and departure, to be able to adapt it to our schedule. This is ideal for the business man or woman, because it allows them to rent the room according to their schedule, or for people who want to spend some romantic moments with their partner, and can book the room for the time they request.

habitacion con jacuzzi gran via madrid Vitium

Vitium Urban Suites offers you all this. Our luxurious and comfortable rooms, located in the heart of the city, make our establishment the ideal place to rent a room for hours in Madrid. Our luxury boutique hostel, located in the heart of Gran Via, has an unbeatable communication by public transport, both with the Madrid Barajas airport and the train stations of Atocha and Chamartin. This makes it the perfect place for all those people who arrive in Madrid and wish to rest for a few hours before attending a meeting or any work event. We also have rooms with double bed or twin beds, so they can be rented by couples or friends who need to take a break before continuing their trip, whether a train ride, air travel, etc.. Madrid is a crossroads, and at its international airport there are many people who stop over and need a little rest before continuing their trip to America, other European destinations, etc.

A room by the hour is also the perfect solution for those people who come to sightsee in the capital, but are not going to spend the night there. Renting a room by the hour in our boutique hostel allows them to have a place where they can have a little nap, take a shower, etc., after an intense day of sightseeing in Madrid.

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As you can see, there are many reasons to rent a room for hours, but, above all, to rent it in Vitium Urban Suites, where you can enjoy all the comforts you deserve, and also do it in Gran Via, from where you will have quick access to all parts of the city.

For further information, please contact us by phone at 91 116 41 44, send an email to info@vitium.es, or visit our website, www.vitium.es,

Our deluxe rooms are waiting for you.

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