What is Madrid Devour?

Madrid Food Tour, now renamed Madrid Devour, is a route to discover the city in a gratifying  and pleasant way through its gastronomy. the gastronomic tours in Madrid are designed for visitors and foreign tourists and also locals. Do you want to know more about this fun and original way of knowing the culture and gastronomy of the capital of Spain?

What is Madrid Devour?

One of the world-known characteristics of Spain is its gastronomy. And the typical dishes and meals of the capital could not be less. Madrid Devour for the tourist is an opportunity to learn about a cultural heritage that is often overshadowed by the great monuments and temples of mass tourism, but that is decisive to become truly familiar with our culture.

If you prepare a trip and you want to know where to eat in Madrid, you can now discover a way to know the city through its cuisine with a route that you will not find in the usual tourist guides.

How are the routes of Madrid Food Tour (Madrid Devour)?

The gastronomic tours of Madrid Devour have expert guides with the most varied profiles from art historians to sommeliers.

The routes take participants to Madrid’s local restaurants, restaurants and wineries with history, charm and top-quality gastronomic products. The best cheeses, the most elaborate tapas or the best broths, only for the authentic gourmets.

Some of its most outstanding routes are:

•             Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour.

•             Madrid Tapas & Wine Tour.

•             Tapas, Taverns & History Tour.

•             Hidden Madrid Neighborhood Food & Market Tour.

•             Madrid Rastro Tour & Tapas Crawl.

•             Spanish Wine Tasting in Madrid Underground Cave.


And other tapas tours, enology, museum visits, and much more!

Madrid Devour tours have appeared in international media such as The Guardian, CNN, Forbes or The Washington Post.

In addition to the reputation of being published in such prestigious media, Madrid Devour has won awards and has various quality certificates, including the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

Where is Madrid Devour?

The management of the company behind Madrid Food Tour is Devour Spain SL, located at number 5 of San Simón Street, on the ground floor.

But the best way to get to know the location where you can start your tour is by visiting their website, www.madridfoodtour.com Bon Appétit!

And if you are preparing a gastronomic tour with Madrid Devour or on your own, you will find the perfect accommodation with Vitium Urban Suites to complete a tourist visit of true gourmets.

At Vitium Urban Suites we will continue to give pleasure to your senses, so that the taste is not the only one that you exercise in your gastronomic adventure. Not in vain the decoration of our exclusive rooms is set in the seven deadly sins.

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