Secret gardens of Madrid

Secret gardens of Madrid. Which are the most incredible gardens of the capital? Discover those small oasis of peace, beauty and nature in the heart of the city.

Its beauty has nothing to envy to those gardens of another main European capitals. But it is true that large urban spaces can be asphyxiating, without parks, squares and other green spaces that can give a small breath to the big city. And that is what the secret gardens of Madrid achieve. Do you want to know a little more about them?

The Capital has already its lung in the Parque del Retiro (Retiro’s park) and it has endless green areas too, trees adorning the streets, etc. But, in addition, Madrid also has its orchards, small and recondite oasis of beauty: the secret gardens of Madrid.

If you are one of those tourists who are not satisfied with the typical tourist route that only focuses on the 4 or 5 most famous monuments or buildings, you are lucky!

Today we are gonna show you a very special route, with a list of hidden gardens that are unaware of, anyway they are some of the most charming places in Madrid

The most incredible secret gardens in Madrid, know them!

This gardens are places to enjoy the silence that is onl broken by the song of the birds, or perhaps by the bubbling murmur of some source. What else can you ask for in the middle of a great metropolis like Madrid?

Let’s see what those enchanted little corners are.

1. The Garden of the Palace of Linares

Although devoid of the precious pond that one day had, the Garden of Linares Palace is a very unique space. You can still enjoy the soothing sound of water from a small fountain.

A quiet corner, quiet, where you can have a drink or enjoy a snack in a majestic yet simple environment.

During the warm seasons, the terrace, with a score of tables, is open for the enjoyment of visitors.

2. Reina Sofía Museum gardens

Reina Sofia is, among with the Prado and the Thyssen-boremisza, one of the most important countless Madrid museums. And one of the reasons why it is so famous is because, with all its heritage in terms of avant-garde and modern art, in Reina Sofía museum we can see non other than the amazing Picasso’s Guernica.

But not everything valuable in this incredible museum hangs on the walls of its interior rooms. Reina Sofía has several gardens and outdoor spaces to enjoy good weather in spring and summer.

The most famous garden is the one that occupies the central patio, and it was designed by great architect Francisco Sabatini in the 18th century.

In addition to its vegetation, the most admirable thing

are the sculptures of Joan Miró and other artists such as Eduardo Chillida.

3. The Garden of the Prince of Anglona

In the emblematic neighborhood of La Latina, in Plaza de la Paja, one of the most ZEN spaces in Madrid is hidden. It is the Garden of the Prince of Anglona Palace.

A crossroads of cobbled roads and surrounded by hedges leads to the center of the garden, crowned with a stone fountain.

Peace, shade and even some great views in the upper part of the garden are combined in a harmonious environment that transmits authentic calm.

4. The Olivar of Chamartín

If in your itinerary through the city you are going to include a visit to the Bernabéu stadium, the Olivar de Chamartín will stop you step by step.

An orchard in the middle of Madrid with 100 olive trees, guarded by the Olivar de Castillejo Foundation, which organizes every summer an interesting agenda of cultural activities in an idyllic setting.

5. The Gardens of the Sorolla Museum

In the first decade of the 20th century, the famous Joaquin Sorolla built a mansion that today serves as a museum, and has a fascinating garden.

With an arabesque flavor and influenced by the architecture of the Reales Alcázares de Sevila and the Generalife de Granada, the garden takes care of every detail in its architecture and its distribution of space.

A genuine corner that is unparalleled and where you can take refuge from the mundane noise of the city

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At least, that is our recommendation as the icing on the cake if you are willing to visit even if only one of those haven of beauty and tranquility in the Capital.

Because it would be a shame to end a day of tourism surrounded by so much sensuality in a common hostel, instead of in a historic building on the Gran Vía.

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