5 Reasons to stay in our luxury hotel

Finding accommodation in a luxury hostel in Madrid is easy; the difficult thing is to meet on a different offer. At Vitium Urban Suites we offer unique experiences to our customs. Do you want to discover one of the most charming hostels in Madrid?

Anyone who has tried to stay in several hotels, even those of the big chains known to all, has ever thought that all the rooms end up looking like. The rooms in many hotels have no «soul». Its design, it´s furniture … They are designed to please everyone, and therefore, no one.

And it is precisely to differentiate itself from this type of accommodation in standard rooms, without personality, that were born boutique hostels.

In Vitium Urban Suites, in addition to the disruptor that is a boutique hotel in the heights in the heart of Madrid in Gran Vía, we have given a 360º turn to the concept of hotel accommodation, offering a luxury experience at an affordable price.

Customers are becoming more demanding and like to be informed; And for that reason we have decided to anticipate ourselves by responding in an open and sincere way to the question our future guests make when they discover our website …

Why should I stay at your luxury hostel in Madrid?

Later, the reasons for which we are sure that you will like to be our guest. We don´t say it from the pretense, but from the passion for our work as hosts.

# 1. Because Vitium has the whole magic of a hotel boutique in an urban and cosmopolitan environment

Boutique hostels are usually smaller, more intimate and personal than the rest of the hotel offer. For this reason the most common enclaves for this type of accommodation are rural sites.

We have fused the concepts of hostel-boutique and urban hotel combining the best of both worlds and a single offer. The importance and the familiar treatment that is given to the client in a small hostel, with the modern services and the accessibility to the main sites of the city that provides an urban hotel. Everything combined in the unique atmosphere of our hostel-boutique in Gran Via.

# 2. For its incredible location

To complete the previous point it is necessary to talk about the Gran Vía de Madrid, one of the most bustling areas and with greater supply for the most avid of experiences.

The magic of offering accommodation in a luxury hostel in Gran Vía takes shape when we see the face of our guests illuminate the main artery of the capital from the fifth floor of the number 61, in a beautiful protected historic building.

To complete the previous point is necessary to speak about the Great Route of Madrid, one of the most boisterous zones and with major offer for the most eager for experiences.

The magic of housing offers in a hotel of luxury in Great Route cobra forms when we see to there be illuminated the face of our guests on having contemplated the principal artery of the capital from the fifth floor of the number 61, in a precious protected historic building.

# 3. Because it is ideal for any type of accommodation

For lovers of cultural tourism, what better way to end the day than staying in an exclusive environment and focused on sensitive experiences? In the case of a business trip, a congress or a trade fair, is there a better way to end the day than relaxing in a luxury hostel with comfort and convenience that nothing has to envy the best hotels? For organized trips, better what for the image of the organization that to offer the only experience of housing to a group of persons? And for the most romantic, is it possible to imagine a better environment to give up to the love that a cozy hotel with an elegant interior design inspired by 7 deadly sins? Be which is the reason for which you look for housing, you can enjoy a new concept of accomodations.

# 4. For our services

Vitium Urban Suites is a modern hostel, and of course comes equipped with all the amenities of a good 21st century luxury hotel. You will be connected to the world thanks to the Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel; You can request anything you want thanks to the room service 24 hours a day; You have access to parking and airport shuttle if you need it; You can also relax in the room with a drink in our mini-bar One of our star services that sets us apart from other hotels in Madrid are our organized tours to the capital, Toledo, Segovia, Avila, Aranjuez or the Escorial. Tickets for events, shopping tours, tourist bus … And much more! You can check all the services of the hotel here.

# 5. For our offers

Our new concept of accommodation includes the firm purpose of offering luxury experiences to the widest possible audience. That’s why our accommodation offers a value for money difficult to match.

In addition, we have multiple offers for groups, seniors, romantic getaways, children … Check here all offers. But it’s okay to talk about our hotel well. It’s time for our customers to speak. Check the opinions of our guests. And if you have already stayed with us, we invite you to share your experience with other people and note us. Come to Vitium Urban Suites. We will wait for you!

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