5 Free Museums in Madrid

For its history and being the capital of the kingdom, Madrid is a city with an artistic and cultural offer difficult to match. But there is also art and culture for all budgets. Ready to discover seven free museums in Madrid.

5 Free Museums in Madrid add them to your tourist route through Madrid

Tourism is a very important sector in Spain, although in recent times has generated some controversy, especially around tourism drunkenness, and visitors disrespectful to the city. However, in Madrid there is plenty of the best type of tourism; a tourism that never hurts, enriches people and is our best ambassador, both abroad and in other cities and regions of the country: we speak of cultural tourism.

But for there to be demand of tourists eager for culture must have an interesting cultural offer, and that in Madrid we have in great quantity!

Today we will see some of the best free museums in Madrid for your cultural tourism breaks. Prepared?

The Best Free Museums of Madrid, Free Admission

We already talked in another article about the best museums in Madrid, mentioning such important art galleries as the Prado. In fact, if you are looking for free museums in the Capital, the Prado Museum is free from Monday to Saturday, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Sunday from 1:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The Reina Sofia Museum can also be visited free from Wednesday to Saturday, and Monday from 13:30 to 19 hours.

Also the Thyssen Bornemisza is free on Mondays from 12:00 to 16:00.

But you probably do not want the time slots for free museum visits to dictate your schedule and activity schedule.

Five ideas to visit free museums in Madrid.

You can have plans for free museum visits at any time and any day of the week with this list of museums that open their doors totally or partially free in Madrid.

Five Ideas to Visit Free Museums in Madrid

Culture is priceless! The following list of free museums in Madrid shows this. Take note to include the visit to these famous institutions of culture in your agenda when you visit the capital.

#1. National Archaeological Museum

What better way to start a list of museums, than by the beginning. That is, by the principle of all principles. For the beginning of our species, from the Caves of Altamira.

In the National Archaeological Museum you can reconstruct the whole history of humanity, from its dawn to the nineteenth century through archeology and its findings.

Hours: Free on Saturdays from 2:00 pm and Sunday all day.

#2. Contemporary Art Museum

But if yours is not to delve into the remote past and prefer to know the latest history, you can discover it through the modern artistic manifestations in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

If you have already visited the Reina Sofía Museum and liked it, you will have a good taste in your mouth.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is, for the most part, a gallery, although it also has photographic and sculptural works in its fascinating permanent collection.

Hours: Free from Tuesday to Saturday.

#3. Casa de la Moneda Museum

There are many ways to soak up history and culture; reviewing the history of art is not the only way … You can also discover the history of money in the Casa de la Moneda Museum in the National Coin and Stamp Factory.

If you are a pragmatic person, devour the economy section of the newspaper or simply want to access the story from a new and surprising perspective, the Mint will charm you.

Hours: Free every day.

#4. Museum of the National Library of Spain

And if there is a way to dive into the culture is through the books. The National Library of Spain is home to authentic treasures for book lovers. His collection of «incunabula» (books printed before 1501) is just one example.

In the Museum of the National Library of Spain, attendees can discover, not only bibliographic copies, but also all kinds of objects and objects related to the book arts.

Hours: Free from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and last passes 30 minutes before closing.

#5. Air Museum

And finally, to dismiss the list, a museum more entertaining especially for the little ones, in case you travel with family.

You can discover the authentic wonders of aeronautical engineering, which allow the human being to cross the skies with the collection of 150 aircraft and helicopters in the Air Museum, located at Cuatro Vientos Air Base.

Each aircraft tied to a thrilling story that will fascinate the little ones (and let’s face it, not just them!).

Hours: Free every day.

And to rest as you deserve after the hustle and bustle of a cultural tourism route through the most fascinating museums of Madrid, nothing better than to do it in a hostel-boutique in the heart of Madrid’s Gran Vía, in a protected building of great architectural value.

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